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Dive Medic Technician (DMT / IMCA) Program

Take the next step to advance your first aid training by becoming an IMCA certified Diver Medic Technician (DMT). This certification pushes your critical analysis skills as you learn to respond and react quickly and effectively to emergency medical situations in diving, with a focus on hyperbaric environments and working in remote locations. Following strict safety standards, the DMT course increases your emergency preparedness, so if an accident occurs you are ready to respond.

On every dive team IMCA requires one member, excluding the supervisor and the divers underwater, to have their DMT advanced first aid training, making this qualification applicable and necessary in both saturation and air diving operations worldwide. 

Upon successful completion of this course the qualified Candidates will be able to demonstrate competency in applying and administering advanced first-air emergency treatment. This course will emphasize practical application as the students hone their deductive reasoning skills during extensive in class practice simulations. This hands-on classroom experience will utilize specialized medical manikins and be taught under the supervision and guidance of a medical doctor. The skills learned will include patient assessment, splinting, suturing, inserting IV's and administering shots, all skills which will supplement and push the students previous first aid knowledge to the next level as we strive to train analytical, self-sufficient Diver Medics ready for the field.


General Course Information

  • Tuition:
    • Full Course: Registration - 150.00 Tuition - 1,800.00 CDN
    • Renewal: Registration - 150.00 Tuition - 1,000.00  CDN  
  • Duration:
    • Full Course: 10 Days (80hrs)
    • Renewal: 5 Days (40hrs)
  • Written and Practical Final
  • Textbook:  149.95 CDN Plus GST


Pre-requisite Qualifications for the IMCA DMT

  • One of the following: (a) IMCA Recognized Offshore Surface Supplied Rating or (b) Life Support Technician (LST) and Diving Supervisor
  • All of: (a) Commercial Diving Medical



This course offers International certification through IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) and National certification through DCBC (Divers Certification Board of Canada)


Certificates Issued:

1.  DMT / IMCA Diver Medic Certificate of Competency

2.  Workplace First-Aid, CPR and AED

3.  Oxygen Administrator

*All certificates are valid for 2 years from date of issue. 


Topics To Be Covered

  • IMCA / DMT Medical Chain of Command
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • CPR, Obstructed Airway and AED Review
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) Protocols
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) Protocols
  • T.W.E.L.V.E.F.L.A.P.S. Protocol for Secondary Assessment
  • Spinal Injuries, Patient Care and Transport Packaging
  • Managing Emergencies within the Hyperbaric Environment which include the bell, main deck chambers and Sur-d-02 diving operations.
  • DMAC Medical Record Keeping
  • Emergency Oxygen Administration
  • Assessment and Treatment of Diver related injuries and illnesses
  • Advanced Airway Managment
  • Use of Intravenous Fluids and Drugs
  • Injection Techniques, Suturing and Management
  • Chest Decompression Procedures
  • Chest Drain Procedures
  • Bladder Catheterisation

Upon your registration for either the DMT Full or Renewal Course you will be granted access to a short DMT Online Course Review.  The review will be especially helpful for the DMT-R students.  The review has 3 key topics that will be covered off:

1.  Medical Terminology

2.  Medical Processes

3.  Key DMT Medical Resources

By taking the time to work through the review you will get more out of your training.

Upcoming DMT Full & DMT Renewal course schedules are posted on the main page.