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Online Dive Accident Management Renewal Course

The online Dive Accident Managment (D.A.M.) renewal course has been developed to make life easer for the working diver.

The online academics will overview all the key criterion of the D.A.M. program and will give you an opportunity to be prepared well for exam.  Once the online exam has been completed the D.A.M. candidate will be required to attend CDI for one full day.  There will be a thorough academic review in the morning followed by a practial training session that will be conducted on the diving platform.

The course is designed to minimize your time away from work!

Registration is simple:  Please complete the PLAR online registration document.  Then contact the Admissions Department and pay the online course fee of 99.00 with either a VISA or MC.  Access to the course will be granted to you that day. 

Once you have completed the online component then give us a call and well book the practical for you.  The cost of proactical is 350.00. 




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