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Online Oxygen Provider Renewal Course

All divers need to have one: a valid oxygen administrator certification.  They run out after 2 years, so you need to make arrangements to recertify every time that clock runs out.

We've made this easier and more convenient for you.  

Introducing the new ONLINE O2 Renewal Course which is DCBC Approved, Work Safe and M.O.L. Approved!:

1. Complete your academic refresher online.  This involves a slideshow and written (multiple choice) quiz.

2. Prove competency in the set up and use of an emergency oxygen unit to your certified diving supervisor via a series of excersise and shams provided by us.  Have them sign off on it.

3. We generate and send you a new O2 cert (good for another 2 years!)

Cost: $125.00CDN

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