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Restricted Surface Supplied Supervisor (DCBC) Inland

The Restricted Surface Supplied Supervisor Program is an intensive course of study, both academic and practical, designed to train certified Unrestricted Surface Supplied Divers to work safely and effectively in a ‘Supervisory Position’ in a variety of commercial diving fields managing a surface supplied dive station.

The Aim of the Training is to create a professional supervisor capable of working safely and effectively in various occupational environments and working capacities in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association CSA Z275.5 Competency Standards for TrainingThis program has significant modules over viewing advance dive planning, diving hazard & operability reviews, dive accident management, equipment audit programs, environmental management programs and human resource management.  Check under ‘Admissions’ for the entrance requirements. 

Supervisor Course Schedule

Day 1

0900-1000 Clearing In Paperwork

1000-1200 Faculty, Staff & Class Introductions

1200-1300 LUNCH

1300-1700 Review Quiz  Mark Quiz and Review


Day 2

0900-1200Elements of Supervision

1200-1300 LUNCH

1300-1500 Motivation & Communication

1500-1700 1st Mock Emergency (Dive Platform / Openwater) NOAA Chapter 3, 20, 21


Day 3

0900-1200 Legal Responsibilities CSA and Work Safe BC Handouts,  Lockout Handbook                                  

1200-1300 LUNCH

1300-1500 Health and Safety CSA and Work Safe BC Handouts, Safe Working Practices Handout

1500-1700 2nd Mock Emergency (Dive Platform / Openwater)  NOAA Chapter 3, 20, 21


Day 4

0900-1200 Site Emergencies & Accident Investigation  CSA and Work Safe BC Handouts, Accident Report Handout

1200-1300 LUNCH

1300-1500 Dive Accident Prevention & Management Planning DCIEM Manual, Standard Opperating Procedure Handout

1500-1700 3rd Mock Emergency (Dive Platform / Openwater) NOAA Chapter 3, 20, 21


    Day 5

0900-1200 Course Review and Wrap Up

1200-1300 LUNCH

1300-1500 Supervisor Test

 Mark Test and Review (Minimum Grade Required:  75%)