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Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Courses

The Commercial Diving Institute of Canada has two Hyperbaric Chamber Courses:

a) Hyperbaric Chamber Operator (HCO) The Hyperbaric Chamber Operator course is based on the CSA Z275.4 competency code for Chamber Operators and the CSA Z275.1 code for hyperbaric installations in Canada. Candidates receive comprehensive training as a Chamber Operator, Inside Technician and Recorder. The Approved Medical Indicators for Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments will be the focus of the training with a serious emphasis placed on the treatment of Decompression illness, arterial gas embolism and the operation of surface decompression on oxygen (Sur-d-O2) dives. This is an excellent course for any candidate that is looking at becoming certified as Certified Hyperbaric Technologist (CHT) or Diving Medical Technologist (DMT). This hyperbaric qualification is included in the Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver course.

The Hyperbaric Chamber Operator course length: 80hrs (2 weeks.)

b) Hyperbaric Upgrade Training: The upgrade training program is a 3 day course designed to take a qualified chamber operator and provide training to ensure competency standards under CSA Z275.4 have been maintained. This is an excellent course for supervisors to take prior to participating in any Sur-d-O2 operations if they have been away from the chamber for some time.

The Hyperbaric Upgrade Training course length: 24hr (2 Days)

* The Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Course is provided in the Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver (DCBC) program.