DBA: Diving Dynamics Kelowna, BC Canada (PCTIA # 705)

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Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc. Helmet and Band Mask Operator / User Training.

Enabling Objectives for this KMB certified course:

Set-up, adjustment and pre-dive functional checks for Kirby Morgan’s Superlite Series 17A/B, 27 Helmets, KM-37 Helmet and KMB 18/28 Band Masks in accordance with applicable operations and maintenance manual(s) and pre/post dive checklist procedures (A2.2 – A2.6)

Administrative auditing systems for helmets & bail-out regulators.
Flow Bench Procedures and Data Generation.
This is a hands-on course.

This KMB certificate is valid for 2 years and 3 years after the first renewal.

This KMB course is conducted over 2 days. 

* It is important to note that the KMB User & Operator Course is part of the Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver (DCBC) course.