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Restricted Surface Supplied Diver (DCBC)

Note: The Restricted Surface Supplied Rating is an Inshore Qualification. This qualification meets the requirements for candidates looking to dive for public safety dive teams such as the Ontario Provincial Police Force, The Canadian Coast Guard and is an excellent qualification for the aquaculture industry, seafood harvesting, vessel maintenance, environmental diving and most inshore engineering inspection services. This training will qualify candidates for the Diver Certification Board of Canada Restricted Surface Supplied Rating. Candidates may continue at a later time to upgrade (P.L.A.R.) to the Unrestricted Surface Supplied Rating.

This course is completed over a period of 8 weeks of fulltime training and meets or exceeds all CSA Z275.4 competency requirements for the Restricted Surface Supplied Diver. Upon successful completion of the training all candidates will be issued a Diver Certification Board of Canada Restricted Surface Supplied Rating.

Academic & Practical Training Modules

  • Diving Physics, Diving Physiology & Diving Pathophysiology
  • Kirby Morgan Helmet & Band Mask Operator / User Certification Training
  • Diving Helmets: Superlite 17B, SL 27, SL 37, KMB 18 & Desco Air Hat.
  • Dive Station Mobilization & Demobilization
  • High Pressure Gas Breathing Air Delivery Systems (Grade E / CSA Z180 Compliant Systems)
  • Low Pressure Gas Breathing Air Systems (Grade E / CSA Z180 Compliant Systems)
  • Surface Supplied Dive Stations & CSA Compliance as part of CSA Z275.2
  • Documentation Requirements as per Provincial Diving Regulations and the CSA Standards.
  • Dive Accident Management Training
  • Hot Water Diving Systems
  • Diver Stage Usage
  • Contaminated Dive Systems
  • Hyperbaric Orientation Dives
  • Salvage Diving
  • Search & Recovery Operations
  • Civil Projects
  • Line Pull Communication
  • Ship Maintenance
  • Environmental Diving
  • Air Lift and Suction Dredging
  • Dark Water Diving
  • Digital Recording Station
  • Inspection Diving & Report Writing
  • Umbilical Management
  • Live Boat Operations
  • Diving Platform Operations
  • Still and Current Diving Operations
  • Diving Legislation
  • Breathing Air Standards
  • Contractor & Client Relations

Restricted Surface Supplied Diver In-Water Times

Depth: 0 – 30m (14 hrs.)
Depth: 10 – 30m (4 hrs.)
Depth: 15 – 30m (1 hr.)
Depth: 20 – 30m (0.75hr)
Depth: 30m (0.25hr)