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Prior Learning Assessment and Review (PLAR) / Top-Off Program

CDI has gained a significant amount of experience in providing PLAR Training and Upgrading for both International Divers and Domestic Restricted Surface Supplied Divers who are seeking out the Unrestricted rating.  In order to save applicants time and money CDI has developed a online pre-assessment exam and course content review modules.  By having applicants prepare for the DCBC / CSA competency examinations with detailed online presentations the students will be well prepared to meet with CDI staff once they arrive at school.  While at school, CDI Instructors will prescriptively cover off any remaining topics that the students need brushing up on prior to writing the final exam.

PLAR reviews can be conducted for all levels of training.  Possibly you need a Commercial NITROX / Gas Blending qualification.  Where you a Recreational Enriched Air Instructor with work experience?  Talk to Admissions and we'll explain how we can help.

Because each diver with previous experience differs in the number of hours they have, the type of diving/tooling and academic background, you must go through an assessment process.  This requires the following from you:

1.       Fill out a general application HERE.

2.       Pay the $150.00 CAD non-refundable registration fee.  This can be made payable via VISA, MasterCard debit or cheque.

3.       Complete the attached documents for assessment and return with the $350.00 CAD assessment fee.  At this time, our admissions department will do a complete review of your diving background and experience. 

4.       Complete our online academic pre-assessment exam at a cost of $90.00 CAD.  This is a 120 question exam that covers the full scope of the required academic material as per the Canadian standard.  We will then review your results and assign remedial training broken down by category as necessary. 

5.       Once the above has been completed, we will set your schedule to join a full time program in order to complete your training.

If you have any further questions at this time, please don’t hesitate to let me know or give us a call toll free at 1.866.861.1848 any time from Monday – Saturday, 0930 – 1730 PST.We will not formally accept your application or begin the assesment process until we recieve your application along with this fee (payable by any major credit card).

Downloadable Forms:

1.  PLAR General Information Document

2.  PLAR Candidate Statement of Understanding

3.  PLAR Performance Criterion Check-List

4.  PLAR General Performance Notes

5. PLAR Dive Tracking Sheet

6.  PLAR Pre-Assessment Exam Study Guide

7. PLAR Auto Fill-In Dive Tracking Sheet (excel format)


* Along with returning the above applicable forms, the student must provide a digital scanned copy of ALL of their previous dive logs as part of the assessment process.  These must be stamped and signed by your supervisor in order to be deemed valid.