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Restricted Occupational Scuba Diver (DCBC)

The Restricted Occupational Scuba Diver program will provide graduates certification to the CSA standards and upon application will be certified through the Diver Certification Board of Canada as a Restricted Occupational Scuba Diver. The DCBC is internationally recognized as leader in diver training standards. Graduates of this program will be qualified to use scuba equipment to a maximum depth of 20m under the operational guidelines set forth by the CSA Z275.2 standards for commercial diving operations.

This qualification will provide graduates with employment opportunities in the fields of environmental assessment diving, shallow water engineering inspections, scientific diving, supporting roles in the underwater film industry, police & public safety diving and archaeological diving within the depth limits of 20m.

This fulltime training will be completed over 3.5 weeks.

Academic & Practical Training Modules

Diving Physics, Diving Physiology & Diving Pathophysiology
Dive Station Mobilization & Demobilization
DCIEM Tables
High Pressure Gas Breathing Air Delivery Systems (Grade E / CSA Z180 Compliant Systems)
Documentation Requirements as per Provincial Diving Regulations and the CSA Standards.
Dive Accident Management Training
Dive Hazard Assessment Protocols
Dive Rescue
Survey & Mapping Techniques
Search & Recovery Operations
Line Pull Communication
Orientation to Wireless Communication
Orientation to Full Face Mask Diving Procedures
Environmental Diving
Dark Water Diving
Inspection Diving & Report Writing
Underwater Digital Still and Video Inspection Orientation
Scuba Equipment Trouble Shooting Seminar
Scuba Equipment Flow Bench Analysis
Shore Diving Procedures
Live Boat Operations
Current Diving Operations
Contractor & Client Relations

Restricted Occupational Scuba Diver In-Water Times 


0 – 20m (0 – 66ft)

900 minutes with not less than 25 dives.

Not less than 5 dives to the maximum depth.

*Commercial Diving Institute of Canada Career Counselors encourage all candidates to strive towards the Occupational Unrestricted Scuba Rating as this will facilitate better employment opportunities as an occupational diver.  The Restricted Occupational rating remains perfect for divers that require an occupational diving license within the limitations that a Restricted Occupational Scuba diver is trained to. 

Divers on the Unrestricted Surface Supplied Course have the opportunity to receive the Restricted SCUBA rating as an endorsement.  This training can be completed at the sametime as the surface supplied course with the completion of the above noted dives and bottom time.